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As 2023 is finally settled in, it’s high time to see the trends in the fireplace industry. Our fireplace suppliers constantly develop new technologies and push new solutions, so the final products are both beautiful and functional.

Trend no #1- switching to hassle-free fireplace

Having a fireplace was somewhat a hassle for many home owners, who had to deal with combustion by-products, regular chimney sweeps and cleaning. On top of that, buying and storing wood logs is not that easy! That is why ethanol, pellet or gas fireplaces are becoming more popular, as there is not much to do except maintenance once in a while. You can forget about soot, ash or any smoke, plus the risk of catching fire is basically non-existent thanks to variety of sensors that keep the device- and you- safe.

Trend no #2- fireplace is not limited to the living area

With modern solutions that are used in our range of fireplaces, you can easily enjoy your fireplace in any room you would like to! From portable biofireplaces, to the built-ins you choose where you want it exactly. Our motto- you have the project, we have the technology is right on spot! Either modern or traditional interior- we customise the project to your needs and you can enjoy your fireplace in your living room, kitchen or in the bedroom. Cozy, ambient atmosphere can be achieved anywhere in the house, you can even have more than one fireplace at once in various rooms.

Trend no #3- fireplace in the garden or patio

Traditional fireplaces cannot be installed outside, but gas or ethanol ones- yes. From easy to move, portable biofireplaces from our outdoor collection to built-in gas fireplaces- you can decide what you need. With ethanol fireplaces you have many options of different arrangements, as these are easy to move- for instance tabletop ones can be placed on the floor or any other hard surface so you can enjoy natural fire without any limitations. Planika’s gas fireplaces are also a fantastic option. We offer outdoor linear gas fireplaces – freestanding and insert ones as well as outdoor gas fire pits, so your garden can be either more traditional or modern, depending on the design.

Trend no #4- remote controlled fireplaces

We value innovative ideas and that is why we push hard for our suppliers to develop new technologies for your convenience. Our automatic fireplaces are all equipped with safety sensors and many other useful solutions. On top of that our customers can operate the device using remote control or any smart device such as tablet or mobile phone. You can even start your fireplace before you enter the room so it is already in full working mode for you to enjoy. The future is the technology, and at Fireplace Malta we make sure to always update our devices accordingly.

Trend no #5- ecological approach

With constant climate changes and the worry of global warming, traditional fireplaces do not seem to be the best available option. Deforestation is a natural disaster, and according to WWF (World Wild Life) comes in many different forms that harm natural environment. Those beautiful yellow fire flames from burning wood-logs mean that a tree had to be cut down so a person can enjoy it at home. It is important to remember that we are obliged to preserve natural environment. At Fireplace Malta we carefully consider all of those aspects and we supply eco-friendly fireplaces that are the next step in the fireplace industry.

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