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About Us

Built on 40 years of understanding the needs of our customers by providing you with a selection of products observing the highest standards of design, functionality, workmanship and service.

Mission Statement

To provide natural flames everywhere, without exceptions by working together with the best suppliers in the industry. Developing the most modern technologies so that we can provide you with real fire, even there where you wouldn’t imagine.

Why Fireplace Malta?

We have a dedicated team looking after you. Our people work together to help you find the best fireplace for your space and needs. Be it a Pellet stove or insert, an ethanol fireplace which can also be customised to your need, a gas fireplace, a wood fireplace or also an electrical fireplace.

ethanol 3.jpg


We don’t aim for good enough, we aim for perfection. We partner with suppliers that are about innovation that brings fire to a completely new level.


We know our customers have a choice, so together with our suppliers, we deliver a service, second to none that does not stop at


There is only one world, we aim to take care of it by providing you with fireplaces that are equipped with the latest technology with improved efficiency and low polluting emissions.

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