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For years having a fireplace has been a privilege for those living in a house, and could afford the storage space needed to keep wood logs. Thankfully, as the technology is changing, and today you can enjoy the warmth of a fireplace even in smaller spaces. As an apartment owner you can easily enjoy a fireplace, furthermore – without all the hassle associated with traditional wood fireplaces!

Chimney less fireplaces for apartments.

Most apartment owners are under assumptions that installing a fireplace in their apartment is not possible due to various reasons, like lack of chimney or storage space. Safety reasons are also a big factor here, as traditional fireplaces produce soot, ash or smoke, and it is a potential hazard for people living on the premises. That is why Planika has a perfect answer for you! A flueless fireplace designed for an apartment that does not require chimney flue, hard connections or any other installations.

Easy installation of ethanol fireplaces for your flat.

Planika has developed and perfected ethanol fireplaces for years, and they can be found across the globe in many prestigious buildings, hotels and private residences. Their Bio fireplaces are easy to install, basically all you need to do is just plug them to a source of electricity. Planika’s Plug and play technology allows the user to use the fireplace almost immediately after it is delivered!

Apartment with a bio fireplace? Feel the freedom of arrangement.

As an apartment owner, you may not be able to enjoy your own garden and you have to share common areas with other tenants, but now you can have a fireplace without the necessity to clean ash or replace the wood logs. Planika offers ready to use ethanol fireplaces with plug and play technology, which can be arranged anywhere in your apartment: living room or a bedroom and even under your TV. And if you wish, you may also move it from room to room. Freestanding fireplaces from Planika’s collection are one possibility. Also, we offer bio fireplace inserts that can be arranged as a stand-alone pieces of furniture without any contact with the wall. Should you have the project- we have the technology.

Easy storage of fuel in small apartments.

Ethanol fireplaces for apartments do not require special fuel and for your convenience Planika created Fanola, a high quality biofuel. All you have to do to start the fire almost right away is simply pour the fuel to the tank or use electric pump – which is Planika’s patented solution- to fill it. Fanola is biologically clean fuel with Eco Fuel certificate that burns completely without ash or any harmful substances. It is very easy to store, anywhere in your apartment!

Real fire with no hassle to maintain.

Ethanol fireplaces from Planika are easy to maintain. There is no smoke, ash, soot or odour emitted during combustion process. The derivatives of the combustion are: heat, steam and carbon dioxide in a concentration similar to that contained in exhaled air. Also there is no need for an additional source of ventilation as Fanola, the fuel recommended by Planika is composed exclusively of biological substances, thanks to which it has a neutral effect on the natural environment. Bio fireplaces do not need any annual inspections or maintenance by third parties, meaning you can just sit back, relax and enjoy real fire!

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