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Underfloor Heating

What are the benefits of installing underfloor heating?

For those in pursuit of an eco-friendly heating solution that delivers consistent and cozy heat, consider the advantages of underfloor heating. This system clears away any hindrances within your living space, allowing every square centimeter to be utilized to its fullest potential. Moreover, it offers a clean heating alternative by reducing the accumulation of dust, unlike conventional radiators.

Benefits and Opportunities Offered by Underfloor Heating:

Underfloor heating is the optimal match for energy-saving heating solutions like heat pumps and solar heaters. It offers a notable decrease in energy expenses relative to other heating methods. The absence of radiators means you can utilize every inch of your space. Say goodbye to unsightly heating units; now, you can style each room just as you envision. Additionally, it provides a hygienic benefit by preventing dust buildup, setting it apart from traditional heating systems.


Enjoy a consistently comfortable temperature throughout the year

Currently, pipes are integrated into flooring systems to regulate temperatures and provide cooling in spaces during warmer seasons. This installation guarantees a consistently pleasant environment throughout the year. Additionally, wall heating serves as an excellent addition, particularly for warming up compact spaces to achieve a cozy ambiance.


Why choose us?

We provide an extensive selection of underfloor and wall heating solutions suitable for both new construction and remodeling projects. Caruana & Cini not only delivers a wide array of premium products but also prides itself on the exceptional service offered by its dedicated division. Leveraging our expertise in design and construction, this division provides indispensable assistance in several key areas:

-Providing sound technical guidance.

- Supplying a comprehensive technical dossier that includes a complete calculation for the underfloor heating system.

- Ensuring meticulous coordination and follow-up in collaboration with all parties involved.


Advantages and possibilities of underfloor heating:

If you're looking for a sustainable heating system that provides comfortable warmth, underfloor heating is the perfect choice. Underfloor heating eliminates all annoying elements in your home. Every cm² in every room can be optimally used. In addition, unlike traditional heating elements, dust formation is avoided.

  • The perfect combination with energy-efficient heating applications, such as heat pumps and solar heaters.

  • A significant reduction in energy costs compared to other heating systems.

  • No need for radiators, i.e. maximum available space can be used.

  • Aesthetically displeasing heating elements are a thing of the past: decorate each room according to your own taste.

  • Hygienic advantage: no dust accumulation, unlike conventional heating.

Some basic principles:

  • The winding pattern: the pipes are laid in the shape of a snake. This is the easiest way to install underfloor heating.

  • The spiral pattern: the till and return pipes are placed next to each other in a spiral, ensuring even heat distribution over the entire surface of the group. 

  • In domestic applications, underfloor heating is usually laid with a 16 mm diameter pipe; in industrial projects, the pipe diameter is larger. With a larger diameter, there is less resistance per linear metre and longer circuits are created with the same pressure drop.

  • The distance between the pipes, also called the centre distance, determines the output and the surface temperature. Underfloor heating can be installed with a centre-to-centre distance of 10, 15, 20 or 25 cm between pipes.



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