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Square with Cover

Square with Cover

Square is a freestanding gas fireplace for your garden. Elegant. Efficient. Enviable. Thank to its minimalistic design it will always look stunning. Fueled with LPG gas it remains fully portable giving you the possibility to rearrange your patio as often as you want.

Square gas fireplace was made to be flexible. The possibility of its arrangements are endless. However, the main advantage of this device is to be found inside. Thanks to the highest quality materials, it will withstands almost all, that the nature will throw at it. Special powder coating, stainless steel core and state of the art valve system is ensuring an unparalleled longevity.

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  • Technical Specifications

    Fuel type - Bottled gas

    Heat output - 7.0 – 10.0 kW

    Gas consumption - max. 0.50 – 0.65 kg/h

    Gas pressure - (LPG) 37 mbar

    Total gas hose length - 4 meters (measured from valve to pressure regulator)

    Weight - 22 kg

    Power supply - Control panel 1 x AAA battery

    Flue - Not required

    Flame height regulation - Yes

    Materials - Galvanized steel, tempered glass

    Decorative accessories - Black glass gravel

    Application - For outdoor use only

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