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Olga with Base

Olga with Base

  • Base, protection grill and door in cast iron
  • Cast iron structure
  • 25 mm vermiculite combustion chamber
  • Top or rear smoke outlet with cast iron ring
  • SCHOOT ROBAX® ceramic glass with semi-automatic cleaning
  • Triple combustion
  • Provision for rear external air intake
  • Specifications

    Dimensions: H 680mm / L 373mm / D 369mm (excluding smoke ring 40 mm H)
    Fire mouth dim.: H 250mm / L 280mm / D 180mm
    Weight: 78 kg
    Pipe diameter Ø: 130 mm
    External air connection Ø: 100 mm
    Max dim . recommended wood: 250 mm
    Yield: 75.4%
    heated m3: 86
    Hourly consumption kg/h: 3.33

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