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Individual, efficient and ecological heating solutions. Air pellet stoves are an ideal solution for heating small or large rooms. Besides heating your home, we also seek your family’s welfare. The innovative electronic combustion-control, full programmability and ecoforest’s commitment to design are transformed into more than just heat, ecoforst creates passion for fire and decoration. 


Automatic modulation of combustion air, supply of pellets and convection air
Ecoforest exclusive electronics
Wifi and internet-based control
Control and programming by room temperature or by power
Multifuel (pellets, almond shell, olive stone)
Vacuum cleaning system
Multiple safety systems
Cast iron burning pot
Daily cleaning-free finned heat exchanger

  • Specifications

    Power - 7.5 kW

    Hopper - 12 kg

    Consumption - 0.6 kg/h - 1.6 kg/h

    Gas out diameter - 80 mm

    Weight - 78 kg

    Performance - 93 %

    Dimensions - ø520 x 874

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