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Save money on heating and enjoy the beauty of an Ecoforest fire from wherever you choose. Ecoforest hydro stoves are designed to be placed in living rooms, kitchens, etc., and are an excellent, environmentally friendly hot water and heating system. They are available with power outputs from 16 to 38 Kw, have self-cleaning exchangers, exceptionally efficient combustion and extremely low emissions.


Automatic control of combustion air, fuel supply and recirculating pump flow
Software regulation of flow and return temperatures without anti-condensation valve
Possibility of control of DHW tank, buffer and hoppers
Ecoforest exclusive electronics
Wifi and internet-based control
Control and programming by room temperature or by power
Multifuel (pellets, almond Shell, olive stone)
Vacuum cleaning system
Multiple safety systems
Hearth with cast iron
Cast iron burning pot
Stainless steel heat exchanger
Includes circulation pump, expansion valve and safety valve
Possibility of inverting the cleaning handles
Front black tempered glass

  • Specifications

    Power - 24 kW

    Hopper - 40 kg

    Consumption - 1.5 kg/h - 5.3 kg/h

    Gas out diameter - 80 mm

    Weight - 189 kg

    Performance - 91 %

    Dimensions HxWxD - 1070x657x624

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