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The ECOHEAT AIR is the renewed series of heat pump boiler which is suitable for the production of hot water with a very efficient recovery speed in a sleek unit that can be used everywhere.


These models are optimized to heat water up to 60 degrees only with heat pump operation, which translates to a higher useful volume of accumulated hot water. Furthermore, the system incorporates an advanced controller with multiple functions allowing adaptation to any user consumption habit to maximize savings.


Tanks are manufactured in 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel, the highest quality on the market for this application. In addition, all tanks are insulated with polyurethane foam free of CFCs and HCFCs, complying with market requirements.

  • Specifications

    TANK Configuration - Floor-mounted Capacity - 160 l Maximum operating pressure - 6

    HEAT PUMP DATA Energy Efficiency Class - A Load Profile - L Heating Capacity - 1900/1146 W Input Power - 540/445 W COP 1/2 - 3.5-2.6 W Maximum Temperature HP - 55 C Maximum Temperature Electric Element - 62 C Coolant - R134a

    ELECTRIC DATA Power Supply V/ph/Hz - 230/1/50 Electric Element Power - 1500 W Maximum Power Absorbed - 2100 W

    AIR DATA Air Flow - 400 m3/h Available Pressure - 70 Pa Intake / Exhaust Air Connection - 160 mm

    DIMENSIONS & CONNECTIONS 585 x 587 x 1297 x 797 x 217 x 94 mm Water Inlet / Outlet - 3/4 inch

    FEATURES: - Touchscreen - Easy to use and learn - Automatic Antillegionella disinfection: Automatically the system carries out thermal shock disinfection avoiding any possibility of bacterial growth - Screen lock - Specific alarms set to avoid any possible anomalies

    OPERATING MODES: - Automatic: DHW production is handled by the HP module and the electric back-up, based on the input air temperature and inner performances of the heat pump. - Eco: «reduced» program enabled, DHW production is handled only by the HP module - Boost: A single boost operates the heat pump and the heating element to heat up the water in the shortest time - Out of home: no DHW production for a vacation period; antifreeze protection - Program: Set specific heating periods

    OPTIONAL: Extra coil: Coupling with solar collectors Extra coil: Coupling with a boiler Front and side connections

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