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Why pay for something that is a gift of nature?


Although it may be hard to believe, we come across an infinite number of different forms of energy every day. Just like there is technology to take advantage of solar energy or the kinetic energy of the wind, there are also machines which can use the temperature of the earth or the air in our favour. This is were heat pumps come into play. These machines, designed to generate heat, DHW and even cooling, use a power supply that is clean, renewable and free that it is right under our feet and in the air that surrounds us.


Ground source heat pump for heating, cooling, DHW and pool depending on the model and operating scheme. Easy installation and handling. Powerful control which allows to work always in the maximum efficiency range. Possible to connect up to 3 units in cascade and to work with different emission systems by configuring different curves. Also possible to install a hybrid ground + air collection with ecoGEO + Air Unit AU12

  • Specifications

    Power range: 1-9 kW / 3-12 kW / 5-22 kW

    Heating production with a performance (COP, B0/W35) of up to 4.9, depending on the model

    Quick and sensible control through internet, using ecoSMART easynet module

    Compatible with energy managers ecoSMART e-manager and e-system, which allows the use of renewable produced electricity to power the ecoGEO heat pumps

    Active cooling production with a performance (EER, B35/W7) of up to 5.2, depending on the model

    Integrated passive cooling in models C2 na C4. The ecoGEO controller also allows other models to control passive cooling with external plumbing

    Domestic hot water production with integrated stainless steel tank of 165 litres

    Emergency electrical inline heater incorporated, opcional in all models

    Integrated HTR technlogy in models C3 and C4, opcional in models C1 and C2

    Integrated cascade control of up to 3 units, extending the power range to a maximum of 66kW

    Single phase (230V) and three phase (400V) power supply options

    Dimensions 1804x600x710mm

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