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The combination of Ecoforest ecoGEO heat pumps and their outdoor air units (AU) is an entirely different way to make aerothermal energy using the high performance and unique characteristics of Ecoforest ecoGEO but in a more affordable way. This type of installation can substitute or complement the geothermal wells as a method of capture by one or more aerothermal units (AU).


In this way we get to use the energy of the air to produces ACS, heating and cooling. With this type of aerothermal energy we also have access to the HGE technology of ecoGEO.




Why choose between geothermal and aerothermal when you can get the best of both?


Ecoforest offers the possibility of using different collection systems in the same installation with a heat pump. This means that it is possible to hybridize traditional geothermal capture systems with our Air Units


Create unique installation with the advantages of both systems, choosing at each moment the most efficient technology.

  • Specifications

    Power: 1-9 kW / 3-12 kW / 5-22 kW

    Heating, cooling and domestic hot water

    Total control of your home from anywhere through internet, ecoSMART easynet

    Unique defrost system without cycle reversal

    Compatible with models B2, B4, C2 and C4 of the domestic range of ecoGEO heat pumps

    Hybridization with solar PV, ecoSMART E-manager and E-System

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