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Ecoforest ductable models allow the heat to be distributed by means of a set of ducts installed in your home, this range of products is appropriate for all of those users who seek for a clean, natural and effective system to heat different areas of your home.


Automatic modulation of combustion air, supply of pellets and convection air
Ecoforest exclusive electronics
Wifi and internet-based control
Control and programming by room temperature or by power
Vacuum cleaning system
Multiple safety systems
Stainless steel burning pot
Daily cleaning-free aluminum finned heat exchanger
Hearth with cast iron
2 ducted air outlet, maximum 7 meters length
3 way ducting configuration (back and/or top)
Front bamboo

  • Specifications

    Power - 14 kW

    Hopper - 54 kg

    Consumption - 1.4 kg/h - 3.2 kg/h

    Gas out diameter - 100 mm

    Weight - 182 kg

    Performance - 89.6 %

    Dimensions [HxWxD] - 1355x1300x342

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